Cinematographer and Camera Operator




I am a New York based DP and camera owner-operator for narrative films, commercials, and live events.  

I graduated with a BA in Film Studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. During my time in Wilmington, NC, I worked as an AV Technician for live events and volunteered at the Cucalorus Film Festival.

I later moved to Orange County, CA to work as a camera specialist for RED Digital Cinema over the next 3 years. Specializing in product troubleshooting, I then moved to the RED location in New York City where I taught camera workshops and product demos.

I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York. When I am not working I like to play soccer and seek out live bluegrass music.


  • "THE WATER SONG – Music Video" – WITHIN US PRODUCTIONS – 2nd Unit DP // Nicole Betancourt, Director – Suzan Lazarus, Executive Producer

  • “EAT IT UP – Travel Channel" – BLINK FILMS – Cam Op // Jae Song, DP – Jeff Stepp, Executive Producer

  • "BRANDLESS FOODS – Branded Content" – GYRATE MEDIA– Cam Op // Jason Bergman, Director

  • "BORGHESE – Branded Content” – SAM SAUNDERS CREATIVE – Cam Op // Avery McCarthy, DP – Chantille Saunders, Director

  • "MIDOCEAN – Conference" – Cam Op // Kenny Suleimanagich, DP – Jonathan Karam, Director

  • “MAKERS WOMEN – Live Broadcast" – AOL Studios – Cam Op